Cottage (14)

€175.000(1.318.537 kn)
Cottage Jadranovo, Crikvenica, 94m2
€66.000(497.277 kn)
Cottage Biograd na Moru, Da, 62m2
€200.000(1.506.900 kn)
Cottage Karlobag, 140m2
€650.000(4.897.425 kn)
Cottage Novigrad, 149m2
€40.000(301.380 kn)
Cottage Adamovec, Sesvete, 35m2
€390.000(2.938.455 kn)
Cottage Vodice, 120m2
€300.000(2.260.350 kn)
Cottage Bribir, Vinodolska Općina, 100m2
€258.000(1.943.901 kn)
Cottage Vir, da, 75m2
€360.000(2.712.420 kn)
Cottage Žnjidarići, Oprtalj, 200m2
€370.000(2.787.765 kn)
Cottage Jadranovo, Crikvenica, 113m2
€160.000(1.205.520 kn)
Cottage Kampor, Rab, 180m2
€750.000(5.650.875 kn)
Cottage Malinska, Malinska-Dubašnica, 270m2
€150.000(1.130.175 kn)
Cottage Kampor, Rab, 100m2
€250.000(1.883.625 kn)
Crikvenica zaleđe vikendica
A detached cottage p +1 newer building in a quiet area...
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